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Did George Brett dump or pump Donald Trump? No one seems to agree (with poll)

George Brett mentioned Donald Trump on the Royals’ broadcast Tuesday and confused everybody.
George Brett mentioned Donald Trump on the Royals’ broadcast Tuesday and confused everybody. Twitter screenshot

If there’s ever a story on social media that makes you want to scream “For Pete’s Sake,” this is it.

So of course our Pete Grathoff is on vacation when this bubbled up Tuesday night. So I’m here to try and make sense of it.

(RIP my Twitter mentions, because this story involves Donald Trump. Tell my wife I love her.)

Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler had Hall of Famer George Brett in the television booth during Fox Sports Kansas City’s broadcast of the Royals’ 8-4 victory over the Red Sox.

Brett was in the booth because the Royals were conducting a charity auction Tuesday; one of the prizes was a batting practice experience with Brett. Several other items were up for the highest bid, but the broadcasters were left out.

Lefebvre then tied the auction to the 2016 presidential election.

“Since this is an election season,” he said, “if a candidate is not the nominee, what they do, is they say ‘I give my support to a certain candidate.’ And for some reason this year, and I’m not going to get bitter about this, but the broadcast experience is not included in the auction this year. So Hud and I have decided that we want to give all of our support … Hud and I, we got together with our constituents and our supporters, and we urged them to take the support that they’d normally give to us, but since we are not finalists, to give it to the George Brett bunch.”

Brett replied, “Well that’s very nice, that’s very nice.”

Lefebvre: “So that should put you over the top I think.”

Brett: “A lot of my friends are hoping that the Republican Party does that with Donald Trump. Me included.”

A clear endorsement, right? Twitter said yes, then no, then I don’t know.

OK, what are we missing? Is Brett endorsing Trump because he hopes Trump gets the support of the party and becomes the Republican nominee? Or is Brett dissing Trump because he thinks Trump will lose the general election if he becomes the Republican nominee?

Vote in our poll and share your conspiracy theory in the comments.

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