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One Royals player has a plan to fix the Hall of Fame voting process

Kansas City Star

The next class of the baseball Hall of Fame won’t be announced until Tuesday, but there has already been some griping about the writers who have published the ballots.

Members of the Baseball Writers Association of America may vote for Hall of Fame by spending 10 consecutive years on a baseball beat.

Voters can pick 10 players on a ballot (write-in votes are not permitted), and a candidate that receives 75 percent of the vote of all the ballots cast is elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

This year, voters have tweeted or written stories about the difficulty of choosing just 10 candidates. Among the 17 new players on the ballot are Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.

Among the players who are on the ballot again are Craig Biggio, Tim Raines, Roger Clemens, Jeff Bagwell, Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza and Mark McGwire.

You can see the dilemma some people might have. Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie has a plan to help out the writers. Guthrie tweeted his idea to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal.

Guthrie’s plan is if a player is voted in one year, that vote would carry over for as long as he’s eligible to be on the ballot.

But what if a writer wants to rescind a vote in the future? Guthrie has that covered, too.

Guthrie seemingly has all the angles covered. However ... what if your kid is hungry?

He’s good.

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