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Lawrence man wins $438,000 playing fantasy football on DraftKings

Scott Overfield
Scott Overfield

Scott Overfield of Lawrence has bragging rights over everyone in his fantasy football league.

Overfield won $438,000 playing fantasy football DraftKings last Monday, and he just missed out on a cool million when the Bengals offense uncharacteristically struggled.

On Friday, Overfield decided to try one of those daily fantasy sports sites, even though he admits to not being the best at fantasy football.

Overfield spent $82 on seven different games at DraftKings. He won $38,000 on six games that cost him $62.

Not bad, right?

Well, that $20 fee turned out to be the big one, the Millionaire Maker. Overfield said he paid scant attention to the NFL games on Sunday. But on Monday, he knew something was up when he received numerous emails from DraftKings saying they wanted him to go on camera for their Monday night “Sweat Show.”

That’s where the people in contention for the million dollar prize talk with a host while the “Monday Night Football” game is being played. Overfield, who watched the game at the 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence, said he was in third place but had Bengals receiver Marvin Jones and tight end Tyler Eifert playing against the Texans.

The second-place person had just the Bengals defense, while the leader had no one in the game.

“I thought there was no way I wasn’t going to hit first place,” Overfield said. “Of course, then the Bengals had to have their worst game ever.”

You can watch the video of Overfield during Monday night’s game here. There was quite a bit of angst as Eifert dropped a pass.

“They’re bringing me oxygen at this point and time,” Overfield quipped at one point.

The Bengals got the ball back with 3 minutes, 54 seconds to play, trailing 10-6.

After the two-minute warning, Eifert and Jones each caught passes that pushed Overfield into second place. The Bengals moved to the Texans 33-yard line. If one of those players had scored a touchdown, he potentially could have won the million dollars.

“I was up to $138,000 at the two-minute warning,” Overfield said. “And then Eifert decided to start catching the ball at that point and time. And every time he caught the ball, my money went up $100,000. I got $300,000 the last two minutes of the game. All he had to do was make it into the end zone.

“It’s close to winning the lottery. I was nine points away from winning the lottery.”

Overfield, 50, said he sold his security business in May. He has a son in high school who is making college plans and a daughter who recently had a baby. So he wanted some time plot what to do next in his life.

“I was looking to go back to work in some capacity,” Overfield said, “but now I can wait a while.”

Here’s the kicker about Overfield, something that is sure to make sports fans shake their heads. Overfield said he couldn’t name 10 players in the NFL.

When putting together his team on DraftKings, he looked at the average scores for players while trying to work under the game’s salary cap.

“I don’t watch football a lot,” Overfield said. “I’m not a sports fanatic to say the least. I probably more of an electronics geek than anything else.”

The electronics geek is $438,000 richer than he was a week ago at this time.

“It’s so surreal,” Overfield said. “I thought that can’t be real money.”

That fantasy football league Overfield plays with his cousin? His team is 3-7.

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