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Here is Jonny Gomes’ speech from the Royals’ celebration

Jonny Gomes proved to an excellent public speaker.
Jonny Gomes proved to an excellent public speaker.

There’s always one guy.

At every team celebration, one of the players breaks out and does something crazy. Remember Mark Madson of the LA Lakers and his awful dance? Corey Crawford can’t stop swearing whenever the Blackhawks celebrate.

On Tuesday, Jonny Gomes stole the show at the Royals celebration at Union Station. He grabbed a U.S flag, asked for a moment of silence in memory of Mike Moustakas’ mother, Chris Young’s father and Ednison Volquez’s father, who all passed away in the past four months.

Then he said this (Chris Fickett transcribed it for me):

“It’s unbelievable what those boys did,” Gomes said. “It’s unbelievable what they did! It’s unbelievable what they did! They stole bases, they hit homers. Hey guess what, Cy Young winner, not on our team, beat him. Rookie of the year, not on our team, we beat him. MVP of the whole league, (turns around) sorry guys not on our team. But we beat that guy too! You know why we beat them. Because all of you all people had our backs.

“And Dayton Moore put this team together and Yost delivered it by being the captain of the ship. You all want to be politically correct, I’m the un-politically correct person. We whooped their ass!”

Andrew Joseph also captured the moment:

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