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Yordano Ventura tweets apology to Toronto’s Jose Bautista for earlier deleted tweets

Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Yordano Ventura.
Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Yordano Ventura. JSLEEZER@KCSTAR.COM

This was classic storytelling.

On Monday afternoon, Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura apologized to Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista after criticizing him in a series of tweets that Ventura later deleted.

This was the translation:

That was the third act of a story that started with this prologue: The Royals’ 5-2 loss to the Blue Jays on Sunday in Toronto. You may recall there was bad blood on the field after hit batters and near-misses with pitches.

After the game, Royals manager Ned Yost praised home-plate umpire Jim Wolf, who ejected a Toronto pitcher but none of his players.

That led Bautista to tweet this:

A little later, we got Act I.

Ventura tweeted to Bautista. It was a message that required three tweets, all of which Ventura quickly deleted. But, of course, that doesn’t mean the tweets were never to be seen again.

Thanks to Noreen Shoop for capturing the conversation:

Well, I went to an expert on Spanish for a translation: My niece Citlali.

She translated it as: “Later we’ll see, so that you can do it to me so you can see … For me no one is important I respected you but now to me you are no one.

“You saved me in parts of my life but the big leagues are not cancelled this year you can keep saying whatever you want.”

Hmmm. This is not the Spanish she’s used to hearing from her Mexican relatives.

▪ The Star’s Lisa Lopez asked Davin Gordon of the Guadalupe Center for his translation:

“We’ll see each other afterwards so you can do it to me and you can see that with me I don’t care about anyone and I respected you but now to me you’re nobody. You saved me with things in life but the great league won’t be cancelled this year, continue to say whatever you want.”

▪ This is how Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports had it translated:

“We’ll meet again later and if you do that with me, you’ll see what I’m about. I don’t care about anybody. I used to respect you, but you’re a nobody. … You got lucky this time, but MLB doesn’t get canceled after this season. Keep running your mouth. … You need to stop giving signs. You’re gonna get it from me for being fresh and you really are a nobody.”

Act II was the reaction to Ventura’s tweets.

“I think he’s a great player,” Bautista told reporters in Toronto. “I think he’s a young player that could use some maturing and hopefully he focuses on playing the game and allow his ability to create a name for himself and just be a good part of his community wherever he ends up establishing himself as a pitcher.”

Gregg Zaun, a Blue Jays TV analyst, wasn’t as kind and ripped into Ventura in a pregame show.

But in the end, Ventura took the high road and apologized to Bautista in Act III of this story, bringing calm to the world once again.


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