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After losing bout, Lenexa’s Cam F. Awesome says he’s been called the Taylor Swift of boxing

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This guy needs his own reality show — and I don’t like reality shows.

But if boxer Cam F. Awesome’s interview with ESPN following his defeat at the Pan Am Games is a preview of what we’d see, I’d watch.

Awesome, who was previously known as Lenroy “Cameron” Thompson, lives in Lenexa and trains with John Brown.

Here was his description of just the second round of his super-heavyweight semifinal bout on Thursday with Cuba’s Lenier Pero:

“I was like, ‘OK, I won that round, as well. Cam, keep up the good work. You’re truly looking amazing. Some people say you’re the Taylor Swift of boxing. I’m not saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing, but I’m not not saying I’m the Taylor Swift of boxing.”

There’s a lot more good stuff here:

Hat tip to Deadspin and Early Lead.

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