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Royals minor-leaguer has terrible haircut after losing bet on Missouri State-Arkansas

The “after” photo.
The “after” photo. Twitter screenshot

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, right? Well, this is wearing your school pride on your head.

Class AAA Omaha outfielder Brett Eibner (a former Arkansas player) and Storm Chasers pitcher Buddy Baumann (a Missouri State guy) made a wager ahead of Sunday’s deciding NCAA Super Regional game between the schools.

Arkansas won 3-2, so it looks like Baumann is going to have to sport the “party in the front, nothing in the back” hairstyle for six weeks with a mustache thrown in for good measure.

Had the Bears won, Eibner would have had to sport a “bleached hairstyle with Latin flavor.”

Baumann must sport his new “style” for six weeks. Should he break the agreement, you’ll note the penalty is the loss of an eyebrow.

Here is what Eibner tweeted later on Sunday:


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