For Pete's Sake

Brewers' Lorenzo Cain credits Rusty Kuntz after base-running play outwits Cubs

The Cubs' Albert Almora Jr. put his head in his hands. A Brewers announcer said he had "goosebumps." Milwaukee center fielder Lorenzo Cain simply flashed that smile.

If you're a Royals fan, you remember that Lorenzo Cain smile, right?

The reason for the range of emotions was Cain's heads-up base-running play in the Brewers' 4-0 win over the Cubs on Tuesday night.

Here is what transpired: Cain was at the plate in the third inning, and Christian Yelich was on second base. Cain hit a grounder up the middle that was fielded by Chicago second baseman Javier Baez, and Yelich was caught heading to third. Yelich kept the rundown going long enough for Cain to get to second base.

However, Cain stopped a step short of second as Yelich scampered back to the bag. Because Cain never touched second, Yelich was able to be safe at second. Cain sprinted back to first because it was unoccupied.

It was a heck of a play by Cain. Take a look:

After the game, Cain was asked about the play, and he gave credit to his former coach in Kansas City, Rusty Kuntz.

"I peeked back (at first). I actually want to credit that play to Rusty Kuntz," Cain told reporters. "We actually used to practice that play when I was in KC. Never actually happened, but it happened tonight. It was huge. It was nice, a nice play."

Kuntz, who was the base-running coach for the Royals when Cain was with the team, is now the Royals' special assistant to the general manager/quality control.

Yelich said Cain was yelling loudly.

"It was a really smart play, because sometimes guys just kind of shut it down once they know they're getting run back to the bag," Yelich told reporters. "But, yeah, I heard him, he was yelling at me. Obviously, it was kind of loud at that time, too, so the fact that I was even able to hear him shows how loud he was yelling and pointing. It was a great play on his part, just kind of directing traffic, and then Travis gets that big hit right after and we score two runs."

The Brewers' Travis Shaw followed with a double that allowed Yelich and Cain to score.