For Pete's Sake

Astros fan lets her husband have it after he interferes with a fair ball

It's never a good idea to reach over the wall and reach for a ball in play at a Major League Baseball game, but this husband picked a particularly bad time.

During the Astros' home game Friday night against the Indians, Houston had runners on first and second with one out and the game tied 1-1 in the seventh inning.

Tony Kemp hit a ball down the right-field line and it seemed like two runs would score. However, an Astros fan interfered with the ball and Derek Fisher had to stop at third base.

Having a stadium full of fans upset with you might seem like the worst thing that could happen, but having your spouse furious about the move is worse.

That's what happened:

After the game, Twitter user Valerie Dominy apologized for her husband's mistake.

Someone shared a photo of her exasperated look and Kemp wrote on Twitter: "Hahahahahaha. Get him!"

Dominy replied: "We're sorry for robbing you of another RBI and what would have been a triple because you're fast. .... My husband thought it was foul. He was peeling peanuts for our 5 year old at her first game and he didn't see the hit and when he looked over the wall it was foul!"

Unfortunately, Dominy also tweeted that her daughter walked out of the stadium to boos, and that is not cool.

She wrote: "welp. Sorry @astros My husband did not see Kemps hit since he was shelling peanuts for our 5 year old daughter at her FIRST ever game. When he looked over the wall it was foul and he wanted to get the ball for his baby. I'm not a jerk wife and he knows baseball."

After the apology, she was fending off more Twitter trolls who were hammering her husband.

The interference didn't affect the game as the Astros won 4-1.

Oh, and Kemp said he forgave the man. He wrote: "Next game yll come to find me and I’ll sign something for you guys. Tell him just be happy we won!"