For Pete's Sake

One Orioles fan ended up with four home-run balls hit in Royals' game Tuesday

It wasn't quite a full house Tuesday night at Oriole Park at Camden Yards as the announced crowd was 10,863 for the Royals' 15-7 win over Baltimore.

That number seemed on the high side, based on a television coverage.

The lack of competition in the stands made it easier for one Orioles fan to get his hands on four of the eight home runs hit in the game.

Alex Kopp, whose Twitter handle says he is a "customs broker by day, ballhawk by night," tweeted a photo with four of the baseballs. Kopp said he got both home runs hit by Mike Moustakas, one by Alex Gordon and one by Baltimore's Chris Davis.

Kopp tweeted that he got Moustakas' first home run on Eutaw Street.

Here he is with the four baseballs: