For Pete's Sake

'Saturday Night Live' skit pokes fun at LeBron James' Cavaliers teammates

This was cut for time from the latest episode of "Saturday Night Live," which is hard to believe since this is pretty funny.

Donald Glover was the guest host, and in this skit called "Cleveland Cavs promo," he plays one of LeBron James' teammates. The Cavaliers are on the verge of making the Eastern Conference finals again, and James has been on a roll.

James had a huge Game 7 performance in the first round against the Pacers, and has terrorized the Raptors in the second round.

How have James' teammates performed? Well, the Cavaliers' point guard has been cleaning up.

That's because the point guard is a Roomba. At least in the "Saturday Night Live" skit, that's the case. Kansas City's Heidi Gardner also is part of the skit.

Take a look: