For Pete's Sake

Royals fan frees bat stuck in netting at The K, gets it taken away to chorus of boos

At first, Tyler Lambert wasn't sure the bat was going to be stopped by the protective netting at Kauffman Stadium.

In the fourth inning of the Royals' 10-6 win Thursday over the Tigers, Detroit catcher James McCann lost control of his bat and it flew into the net high above the Tigers dugout.

Lambert, who lives in Kansas City, was sitting with a friend nearby and expressed relief that the barrel of the bat stuck in the net.

Then he sprang into action.

"I thought if we wait for the Royals to figure out what to do, there might be a 30-minute delay," Lambert joked. "It was just my instinct to jump up and grab it.

"I honestly hopped up there because I thought that the bat was going to fall out and hit the lady in front of me."

Lambert, 31, leaped on the dugout, shook the net and dislodged the bat, which he caught with one hand. In the other hand was a beer, and nary a drop was spilled.

That drew a big cheer from fans, because honestly, it was an impressive feat.

But when Lambert stepped down off the dugout, he was surprised by a team official, who grabbed the bat. Take a look at the video from @watchstadium on Twitter:

Lambert didn't realize someone was there to take his prize.

"To be 100 percent honest, if I had known he was going to take it, I would have held onto the bat a lot harder," Lambert said. "As soon as I looked up to go to my seat, he was grabbing it out of my hand."

While Ryan Lefebvre of Fox Sports Kansas City predicted Lambert would be kicked out of the game, the official never said a word to Lambert, who stayed and watched the rest of the game.

"I'd have taken the bat with me if I would have been kicked out," Lambert said. "I'm not exactly a small guy, it would have taken a few guys to take me out of the game."

In fact, he believed the bat was his to take.

"I always thought if it was on that side of the net or made it into the stands, it was fair game," Lambert said.

When McCann was leaving the field in the fifth inning, Lambert asked for something in return for involuntarily giving up the bat. McCann later called Lambert to the side of the dugout and gave him this:

While happy for the souvenir, Lambert would have preferred a bat or perhaps tickets to a future game, but he also got a bit of notoriety. Friends blew up his phone, and a clip of his work on the dugout made it on a national broadcast.

Oh, and Lambert got another memento.

"I had pine tar on my hands the rest of the game," he said. "My beer had condensation on the outside of the cup and my hand was still sticky."

He'd rather have the bat.