For Pete's Sake

USA Today writer says Chiefs' quarterback situation is among the worst in the NFL

It's hard to remember a time when Chiefs fans were more optimistic about the quarterback position than they are now.

Patrick Mahomes looked really good in his one game during his rookie season, and he'll be the starter this fall. Fans are buzzing about his potential and are confident he'll do a great job.

However, the feeling that the Chiefs are set at quarterback is not shared by everyone. USA Today's Steven Ruiz ranked each team's quarterback situation following the draft, and the Chiefs were in the bottom quarter of the NFL.

The Chiefs were No. 25, just behind the Chicago Bears and trailing teams like the Jets, Dolphins and Browns.

"We’re high on Patrick Mahomes after seeing him play in Week 17 last season," Ruiz wrote, "but he’s going to be a boom-or-bust guy for the next few years and the Chiefs do not have a solid backup if he gets hurt."

Ruiz seems to be basing his ranking a lot on the backups, but I don't think many Chiefs fans view Mahomes as a "boom-or-bust" guy.

You can read more of what Ruiz wrote here.