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Larry Johnson failed to cash a check in 2010, so the Chiefs sent him a reminder

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.
Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

How many employers do you think would do this?

Let's say you forgot to cash a paycheck from your company in 2010.* Do you think they'd remind you about it?

*As if that would ever happen

Well, the Chiefs did just that. Former star running back Larry Johnson tweeted a photo of what looks to be an invoice regarding an uncashed check from March 17, 2010.

That previous fall was Johnson's last with the Chiefs, who released him after seven games. He signed with the Bengals and played seven more games. Johnson then signed a three-year contract worth up to $12.5 million with Washington on March 12, 2010.

So, that's a lot of moving around and it would be easy to forget about a check for $1,238.11.

It was just nice of the Chiefs to remind him. Johnson tweeted: "This is a first.....I’ve never gotten a letter from an Ex before telling me I left money at their house. Thank You @Chiefs , Love LJ"

Johnson was asked if the check was still valid: