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Did Royals' Salvador Perez join the Fun Police? Writers around country think so

Salvador Perez: Don't disrespect the Royals

Royals catcher Salvador Perez explains why he didn't appreciate the way Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox celebrated a first-inning home run on April 28, 2018.
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Royals catcher Salvador Perez explains why he didn't appreciate the way Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox celebrated a first-inning home run on April 28, 2018.

You'll have a chance to vote on this, but was Royals catcher Salvador Perez in the wrong Saturday night?

You may recall that Perez was not happy with how White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson celebrated his home run in the second game of a doubleheader and the two exchanged words that led to both dugouts clearing at Kauffman Stadium.

Perez said Anderson was disrespecting the Royals (you can hear all that he said in this video) and that was why he was upset.

Anderson said he was just having fun.

“I'm a leadoff guy so my job is to get my teammates going. It's not about them, it's about my teammates. I play the game with a lot of energy, lot of confidence," Anderson told reporters after the game. "Just having fun.”

Just having fun. Does that mean Perez is part of the Fun Police?

I wrote Sunday about Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune, who asked "who made Royals catcher Salvador Perez the new chief of the Fun Police?"

Turns out, Rosenbloom wasn't alone. Plenty of people thought Perez was in the wrong.

Blake Schuster of Yahoo Sports wrote: "Et tu, Salvy? Now that the Royals’ World Series window has closed, you’ve resigned yourself toenforcing baseball’s unwritten rules? Because we’re pretty sure Kansas City had plenty of fun before they even made the playoffs in 2014 ...

"The hypocrisy here would be depressing if it weren’t so laughable. That Perez even felt the need to say something else to Anderson while on second base later in the game, let alone cause the benches to clear, is the height of baseball’s cognitive dissonance. ...

"This core group of White Sox might not reach that pinnacle, but it certainly won’t be from a lack of embracing who they are.

"If Perez doesn’t like it, he’s got only himself and his teammates to blame. They helped set the standard. Now they get to live with it."

Tom Gatto of the Sporting News also noted that Perez had become the fun police:

"The Royals won the game 5-2 to split Saturday's doubleheader, so they had that going for them afterward.

"Perez said his nemesis won't get a fastball in his ribs/legs/shoulder in retaliation — on one condition (per the Chicago Tribune): 'I don’t want him to do it again (or) we have to make some decisions.'

"Jot all that down, Tim. Get those unwritten rules straight in your head."

Rany Jazayerli, a contributor to The Athletic, tweeted: "Salvador Perez calling out Tim Anderson for playing with too much joie de vivre because the White Sox haven’t won anything completes the circle of life. These White Sox embody the ethos of the 2014-15 Royals more than the Royals do. And that hurts almost as much as the losing."

Max Rieper of Royals Review wrote: "Keep in mind, Anderson didn’t bat-flip, didn’t showboat, didn’t run around the bases with his arms wide like he was pretending to be an airplane. He said the f-word, and 'let’s go', almost certainly as a way to rally himself and his teammates in a season where they have already lost a lot of games. Salvy says that while he too enjoys fun, and that Anderson can have fun, he felt like being loud on the bases was disrespectful, particularly in a non-playoff game.

"So to have Salvy of all people get upset at a player being animated....well it seems a bit hypocritical, right? Salvy’s excitement at playing the game of baseball is a feature, not a bug. It is one of the most endearing things about him. I mean, I don’t think you can call out a guy for being excited about a home run in a non-playoff game, then douse a teammate in Gatorade following your sixth win in 26 tries."

What do you think? From what I saw on Twitter, the reaction was mixed among Royals fans. Some thought Perez crossed the line, while others thought he was in the right.

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