For Pete's Sake

'My QB is a prophet' Patrick Mahomes correctly predicts LeBron's scoring total

Chiefs fans can only hope that quarterback Patrick Mahomes is as on target with his throws as he is with his predictions about Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James.

The Cavaliers-Pacers first-round playoff series went to a seventh game, which was played Sunday, and Mahomes made a very specific prediction about the game.

While not picking a winner, Mahomes tweeted that James would score 45 points.

James had 15 rebounds, seven assists and, yep, 45 points as the Cavaliers won 105-101.

Here is what Mahomes' tweeted: "Idk if they are going to win but Lebron is putting up 45 today.!"

After James dropped 45, fans went crazy about Mahomes' spot-on prediction.