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Royals say their run with KayCee 'The W Guy' is over; critical Facebook post surfaces

Baseball historian KayCee greets fans, talks baseball at Royals FanFest

Dave Webster's KayCee Baseball character can be seen walking on the Royals Hall of Fame to place the big "W" each time the Royals win.
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Dave Webster's KayCee Baseball character can be seen walking on the Royals Hall of Fame to place the big "W" each time the Royals win.

The Royals are 3-12 at home this season, so fans haven't had much of a chance to miss Dave Webster, who is better known as "KayCee" or "The W Guy."

Since 2014, when the Royals won a home game, Webster would go to the roof of the team's Hall of Fame and put a W on a star. He even ran it around the field in Chicago in 2014, when he witnessed the Royals beat the White Sox to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Royals officials say the team ended the W celebration before the start of this season and said Webster is no longer with the team.

"We had a great run with KayCee and the W, but as we’ve come into the 50th season of Royals baseball, we’ve decided to focus on the tradition of Sluggerrr’s postgame celebration," Toby Cook, the Royals vice president of publicity, said in a statement.

Webster, who was the Manager of Hall of Fame Educational Programs, told The Star in 2015 that he had been the early-baseball historian since the Royals Hall of Fame opened in 2009. He and Curt Nelson, the Royals Hall of Fame director, came up with the idea of Kaycee Baseball, a character who embodied the old-timey feel of Kansas City’s baseball history. Webster’s collection of uniforms span from the 1866 Kansas City Antelopes to the 1914 Kansas City Packers.

The Royals let him go before the start of the season, although he is listed as a Royals associate in the team's media guide.

"There was a change in employment status after that but before the season started," Cook explained.

Because this is a personnel issue, Cook said he couldn't offer more details on the team's decision.

After the news broke about Webster's departure from the team, a Facebook post he allegedly wrote before the season started was widely shared on social media.

The post made derogatory remarks about Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas going back to "his original loyal girl," apparently in reference to Moustakas staying with the Royals.

"Even though he is back, I can still see him checking out the room for a prettier girl. All that said, the Royals are still a better team with Moose on the roster."

The Facebook page for "KayCee — The W Guy" apparently has been taken down.

In 2015, Webster explained how he and his Hall of Fame colleagues brainstormed about what they could do after a Royals win that could become a tradition. And that’s when Webster thought of putting up an old-looking “W” sign on the roof.

“I had no idea how this would go over,” said Webster, a Kansas City native. “I figured people would think this is the corniest thing ever and not pay attention to it.”

But it did soon become a postgame ritual.

"One fan told me during the year no matter what the score is at the end of the game, we don't count it as a W until we until we see that W go up on that star up there," Webster said.

Alas, that is no more.

The American League Championship Series trophy was on display outside the Visit KC offices on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Baseball historian KayCee was on hand to pose for pictures with fans and the trophy.