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The motto for Browns fans ahead of NFL Draft? 'In John Dorsey We Trust'

Former Royals manager Buddy Bell once famously said, "I never say it can't get worse."

Then again, he had yet to see what became of the Cleveland Browns. They've won one game the previous two years, and are coming off an 0-16 season. It's hard to image things getting worse.

Cleveland is rebuilding again, but with a new architect: former Chiefs general manager John Dorsey.

You could be forgiven if Browns fans were skeptical of Dorsey, given the team's recent history (they haven't had a winning season since 2007). However, Cleveland has the first and fourth overall picks in the NFL Draft which starts Thursday, and there is a sense that Dorsey is the right man to make those choices as the team's general manager.

This will be the first draft in Cleveland for Dorsey, who was fired by the Chiefs in June and hired by the Browns in December.

Dennis Manoloff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote, "I don't know for certain whether Dorsey and his staff will make the correct moves — and neither do you. Nobody does. That is because none of the prospects selected over the next three days will have participated in an NFL practice, let alone played in an NFL game.

"I am sure of this, though: Dorsey has forgotten more about professional football than most of us ever will know. We could sit with him for an hour and be unable to educate him on anything about X's and O's, or the 2018 draft pool, or his team's personnel ... Therefore, Browns fans should relax and trust Dorsey will do his job well."

John Bedell of WHIO-TV tweeted: "I don’t know what the Browns are going to do tomorrow night, but I believe in and trust John Dorsey. First time in a while I can say that about the guy running a Browns draft and certainly not something I felt with lawyer guy and baseball guy running things."

Many Browns fans are also behind Dorsey. Here is a sample of what they are saying on Twitter: