For Pete's Sake

Who’s running sprints with a big smile at Royals camp? It’s Danny Duffy’s dog, Sadie

Anyone who follows Danny Duffy on social media knows he often posts pictures and videos of his dog Sadie, who is an Alaskan Malamute.

Sadie has known Duffy for nearly her whole life. During his rookie season in 2011, Duffy adopted Sadie as a puppy after visiting her every single day for a month.

“I was a little bit lonely, that was before I met my wife,” Duffy told me two years ago. “I ... needed a companion, so I got Sadie. She has actually grown up a lot now. She’s bigger than me now if you can believe that, and I’ve had a blast with her.”

Sadie is 7 years old now and weighs 120 pounds. She was at Royals’ spring-training camp in Surprise, Ariz., on Thursday and still has a ton of energy as you can see from the video above, which The Star’s John Sleezer shot.

“She’s never met a stranger in her life, bro,” Duffy told John.

I believe it.

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