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Best signs from GameDay at Allen Fieldhouse — and ones that were banned

When ESPN’s “College GameDay” hits town, there is a lot of excitement from the local fans.

And, of course, a lot of signs.

Kansas fans showed their creative side with signs they hoped would be shown on ESPN during its broadcast at Allen Fieldhouse.

Here are some of the best that I found.

Oklahoma star Trae Young gets a lot of love from ESPN. Apparently, too much according to one fan:

A popular photo/meme after the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI victory was a closeup of the score in the third quarter that showed Atlanta ahead 28-3. This KU fan riffed off that with a nod to when the Jayhawks rallied from a 14-point deficit and beat West Virginia last year:

Remember all those Perry Ellis is old jokes?

This sign was based on the game Fortnite:

Speaking of KU’s Big 12 dominance:

It’s not really a sign, but that’s actor John C. Reilly’s head:

Hey, sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come:

Wait, were some signs not allowed?

Apparently these signs were not allowed at Allen Fieldhouse:

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