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Basketball official ejects cheerleader from game for heckling player

Randy McCall found the culprit.
Randy McCall found the culprit.

I didn’t know basketball officials had the power to do this.

During the Arizona State-Arizona game in Tempe on Thursday night, a Wildcat cheerleader gave the Sun Devils’ Remy Martin an earful, and he was using a megaphone. Referee Randy McCall apparently told the cheerleader to stop, but he didn’t, so McCall sent him out of the arena.

The Arizona Republic said that Rule 10, Article 8 of the official referee handbook states that cheerleaders are not allowed to yell into their megaphones during game play and are not allowed to call out names.

“He was yelling, using the (megaphone) to call out people by name, which is not acceptable. And he was asked to please stop, and he chose not to,” McCall told the Republic.

It happened while Martin was preparing to shoot a free throw.

The Arizona cheerleader was not identified.

Here is the video from ESPN:

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