For Pete's Sake

Exasperated Lorenzo Cain finds Salvy Perez now has spy taking sneaky videos

Lorenzo Cain couldn’t believe it.

In his first day at spring-training camp with the Milwaukee Brewers, Cain didn’t expect he’d find a teammate secretly recording him in the same manner as former Royals teammate Salvador Perez.

But Cain, who signed a five-year, $80 million contract with the Brewers, was in the clubhouse Thursday in Sunnyvale, Ariz., and found a Venezuelan catcher recording him: Manny Piña, the former Royal.

Cain threw his arms up in the air in mock anger.

This one made it to Instagram, too.

Perez shared the video with the message: “Mi hermanito #lolocain is back with another Team. gracias @manuelpina28 for the video #missubro”

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