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Canadian figure skater rescued a dog from a Korean meat farm

Before the Winter Olympics began in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the government reportedly wanted restaurants to remove dishes made from dog meat from their menus.

But NBC reported that while eating dog is largely unpopular in modern South Korea and has become increasingly taboo, a stew made with dog meat still appears on some menus.

South Korea also has multiple dog meat farms (and some rescue groups), but at least one animal was saved last year by an athlete who is back in the country for the Winter Games.

Figure skater Meagan Duhamel of Canada adopted a mini-dachshund named Mootae who was supposed to be raised on a dog meat farm.

This is from the New York Post:

EK Park, the founder of an organization called Free Korean Dogs, which facilitates dog adoptions between South Korea and the US and Canada, helped rescue Mootae from a dog farm as a puppy and drove him over eight hours to meet Duhamel, who was competing in Pyeongchang last year in a test run for the Olympics.

The Olympian and her husband and coach Bruno Marcotte flew Mootae and another dog named Sara to Montreal, where the second pup was adopted by another family.

Roughly 2 million dogs each year are raised on Korean dog meat farms, where they are often locked in cages, beaten or left without food or water.

Duhamel has shared photos of Mootae on her Instagram account:

On Saturday, Duhamel shared a photo of Mootae and her other dog Theo. Duhamel wrote: “A big thank you to all the news outlets that are sharing my story about rescuing Mootae from Korea! Mootae loves his brother Theo, who is also a rescue dog. Thanks to my dog walker and dog sitter @fotogeanick for this photo of my angels while I’m away at the #olympics #freekoreandogs #adoptdontshop #rescuedogs #Mootae #Theo @beaglefreedom @freekoreandogs @hsiglobal”

Duhamel and Eric Radford were in third place in pairs skating after the short program.

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