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These funny NFL-themed Valentines are delightfully snarky

You remember this play from Super Bowl LII, right?
You remember this play from Super Bowl LII, right?

You may have noticed recently on social media that nearly every professional sports team has designed its own Valentines.

Although there sometimes are clever efforts, most of those tend to be on the corny side.

Ah, but if you are looking for a good laugh, NFL Memes has a group of Valentines that are snarky and a little naughty. Now, I can’t share any of these R-rated Valentines, but you can find them all here (and it includes one featuring Chiefs coach Andy Reid).

But here are some that are suitable for this site.

Perhaps you’ve seen the chatter about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kissing his son? Here is a Valentine based on that:

Detroit Lions fans won’t like this Valentine, but it’s certainly funny:

Remember when Patriots coach Bill Belichick refused to talk about a blowout loss to the Chiefs? Instead he kept saying, “We’re on to Cincinnati.” This is perfect:

Marcus Williams’ terrible mistake in an NFC Divisional playoff game against the Vikings cost the Saints a win and made for a great Valentine:

Has it been 22 years since the Cowboys last won the Super Bowl? Yep:

This one features Colts coach Josh McDaniels. Oh, wait. He didn’t take that job:

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott looked like totally different player when one of his teammates wasn’t playing:

If the Seahawks had not thrown that pass at the goal line late in Super Bowl XLIX, we never would have had this gem:

One school received a special Royals-themed treat yesterday for Valentine's Day. Sluggerrr, the Royals mascot, surprised the students at Family Christian Academy in Independence during a quick visit filled with high-fives, a few cupcakes, and a lo

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