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Andy Reid’s doppelganger is on U.S. Olympic curling team

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. file photo

Matt Hamilton’s Twitter bio notes that he is a “coffee roaster” and “mustache enthusiast.”

Oh, and he’s the “USA Curling Athlete of the Year.”

That’s noteworthy, because the Winter Olympics started Wednesday night in South Korea, and Hamilton was on the ice. The Team USA curling uniforms are red, and because Hamilton wears a cap, he bears a striking resemblance to someone familiar.

Take a look:

Upon further review, it seems that Hamilton also looks like Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

At least that’s what people thought while watching Hamilton and his sister, Becca Hamilton, win the first Olympic mixed doubles curling game in history on Wednesday night.

Curling was first in the Olympics in 1924. Here's how the game is played, how points are scored and the positions each teammate has.

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