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Jeopardy! throws shade at Cleveland Browns after epic fail by its contestants

A football fan would have known this.
A football fan would have known this.

This was Alex Trebek at his finest.

A recent episode of Jeopardy! featured a football category that was left until the end of the round. It became quickly evident why it was skipped. All five clues were simple, but none of the three contestants ventured a guess.

That left host Alex Trebek to note: “I can tell you guys are big football fans.”

At one point, he asked: “Do you think we should go to commercial?”

And before the final clue was revealed, Trebek said: “Let’s look at the thousand-dollar clue, just for the fun of it.”

It was a video clue about the Minnesota Vikings defense from the 1970s. Trebek deadpanned: “If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die.”

Jeopardy! shared video of the exchange on Twitter, and took a shot at the Cleveland Browns, who finished 0-16: “Fun fact: Our contestants answered as many clues in this category as the ‪@Browns had wins this season.”

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