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White Sox fans are happy their team traded for Joakim Soria

Former Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Joakim Soria.
Former Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Joakim Soria.

If Joakim Soria had ended up with just one stint with the Royals, he’d have been a beloved figure in Kansas City forever.

Soria had 160 saves and a 2.40 ERA in 298 games with the Royals from 2007-11. After leaving the Royals, Soria pitched for the Rangers, Tigers and Pirates before returning to Kansas City ahead of the 2016 season.

Over the last two seasons, Soria had 14 blown saves and a 3.89 ERA. He became a lightning rod for the frustrations of Royals fans, who had become accustomed to unprecedented success from a bullpen combination of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland.

So when Soria was traded to the White Sox as part of a three-way deal that included the Dodgers, a number of Roals fans took to social media to express their happiness at Soria’s departure.

The mood on the south side of Chicago was considerably different.

White Sox fans were happy to get Soria. Here is what they were saying on Twitter:

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