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Marcus Peters’ flag toss was just one of his outbursts this season. Here are others

Marcus Peters' meltdowns this season

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters has lost his cool or done something that has resulted in a fine several times during the 2017 season.
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Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters has lost his cool or done something that has resulted in a fine several times during the 2017 season.

Statistically, this hasn’t been the best season of Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters’ career. But he’s certainly kept things, um, interesting.

In five of the Chiefs’ 12 games this season, Peters has either had an outburst or done something that has led to a fine. Here is a closer look:

1. Sept. 24 at Chargers

The Chiefs led Los Angeles 17-7 late in the first half, but the Chargers were driving inside of the two-minute warning. On a second-down play, Peters was called for defensive holding. On the next play, Peters was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after arguing with an official.

Teammate Justin Houston stepped in and had a talk with Peters.

2. Oct. 2 vs. Washington

After Peters allowed a second touchdown reception, he returned to the sideline and a fan yelled something at him. Peters responded with a NSFW comment and slammed his helmet to the ground.

Coach Andy Reid said he addressed the incident with Peters.

“Listen, I love the compete in the kid and I appreciate his work ethic and everything else,” Reid said. “But as professionals, that’s not something we want to take place.”

3. Oct. 8 at Texans

A 16-point Chiefs halftime lead had been trimmed to six on a 48-yard touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson to Will Fuller in the fourth quarter. On the Chiefs’ sideline, Peters was furious and seemed to be saying something to defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

Again, Houston encouraged Peters to step back.


“It’s an emotional game, and we know he’s an emotional player,” Reid said. “It’s not like it’s a secret. Two minutes later he’s OK. That’s how it rolls. Bob knows it.”

4. Oct. 19 at Raiders

Some fans saw this as a questionable penalty.

In the Chiefs’ loss at Oakland, Peters was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a late hit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.


Peters was fined $9,115 for the hit, but it also got Marshawn Lynch ejected from the game, because he came out to protect Peters in a scuffle and pushed an official.

5. Sunday against Jets

Peters knew he’d done something wrong when he threw an official’s penalty flag into the stands following a fourth-quarter penalty on the Jets’ two-point conversion attempt.

After a one-of-a-kind toss, Peters left the field and went to the locker room. However, Peters wasn’t ejected from the game for the toss, but he did receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Peters later returned to the sideline, albeit without socks.

Bonus: Oct. 30 vs. Broncos

This was silly. In a season filled with fun NFL celebrations, Peters was fined for dunking the football over the crossbar. Peters had stripped the ball from Denver’s Jamaal Charles, scooped up the ball and returned it for a touchdown.

But rules are rules and you can’t dunk a football over the crossbar. Peters was hit with a $12,154 fine for the basketball move.

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