For Pete's Sake

Chiefs’ Marcus Peters was furious on sideline during Sunday night’s game

For the second straight game, Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters had an outburst on the sideline of a Chiefs game.

In the Chiefs’ 29-20 win over Washington at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday, Peters was caught cursing at a fan. Chiefs coach Andy Reid later said he had “addressed” the incident with Peters.

On Sunday night in Houston, Peters was unhappy following Deshaun Watson’s 48-yard touchdown pass to Will Fuller that helped the Texans pull within six points. Peters was yelling as he walked by the bench and appeared to be directing his anger toward defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

There is no way of knowing for certain if Peters was upset with Sutton, but he did walk toward Sutton before turning around.

You may recall that Sutton, the former Army coach, voiced his support for Peters, who has sat during the playing of the national anthem this season (that was the case again Sunday).

Here is Peters’ outburst, which ended with a little help from teammate Justin Houston:

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