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‘When I hear the anthem...’ Broncos’ Shane Ray shares what it means to him

Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray.
Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray. The Associated Press

Like many other professional athletes, Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray spent a portion of his Saturday on social media discussing the national anthem and the protests.

On Friday night, President Trump said NFL owners should fire any players who protest during the playing of the national anthem.

Ray, a Bishop Miege graduate who played at Missouri, was on Twitter to share his thoughts on what Trump said and the reason for the anthem protests.

A number of people tweeted at Ray, who is on injured reserve because of a wrist injury. He responded to a few and then explained what the national anthem means to him.

Twitter user Paul Morrison wrote: “You are right, most everything in life is bigger than sports. I’m not sure you understand the meaning of the national anthem and respect.”

That led to this response from Ray:

“Wrong my grandfather was in the military. Served in the army Ww2. If he could see how the president of the country he fought for Treated his people and people of color he would stand with his fist high or take a knee right along with the others fighting for a voice

“The heart of America is our military. There are multi cultural people fighting together for us beyond what we see here at home. Those same people will come home and be discriminated against regardless of there military sacrifice. Simply because of the color of their Skin.

“When I hear the anthem it’s not the words that make me feel like an American. It’s us as people for one moment feeling united standing Together. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize we are kneeling because we need everyone’s focus and eyes so that we can work for A change. We have your attention now. Time to start opening your eyes so that we can change and have all people proudly stand for our Country”

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