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A team lost 87 yards on this one play. Seriously.

You’re going the wrong way!
You’re going the wrong way!

I’m absolutely certain that there is nothing in the playbook for this.

Louisiana Tech faced a third down and 93 yards to go during its game against Mississippi State on Saturday night.

That’s not a typo. Third and 93. Good luck with that one.

Here is what happened: Louisiana Tech had a second-and-goal play from the Mississippi State 6-yard line when disaster struck on a botched snap. The ball was kicked, batted and knocked backward in a wild scramble to grab it.

Louisiana Tech eventually recovered, but not until the play had lost 87 yards. Again, not a typo. The ball was at the Louisiana Tech 7-yard line when the play ended. And that is how you end up with a third and 93.

Take a look at the video from CBS Sports:

This is the play by play description:

And this is what Louisiana Tech faced:

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