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Chiefs are now favorites to win the Super Bowl, according to two sites

The Chiefs certainly sent a shock wave through the NFL on Thursday night with their 42-27 victory over the Patriots in Foxborough, Mass.

While the Chiefs were expected by many to be a playoff team, no one predicted a Super Bowl appearance for the team.

But the NFL power rankings have changed dramatically in the wake of the Chiefs’ win.

The statistical analysis site now gives the Chiefs the best chance of any team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl at 14 percent. New England is second at 10 percent, followed by Atlanta (9 percent) and Pittsburgh (8 percent).

Bleacher Report’s updated power rankings have the Chiefs at No. 1, followed by the Patriots, Falcons and Raiders.

Of course, both of those rankings could change because there still are 15 games to be played in the first week of the season.

But, Charean Williams wrote a piece for Pro Football Talk with the headline “Thursday night wrap-up: Chiefs look like Super Bowl contenders.”

Yeah, it’s early in the season, but this sort of talk has to make Chiefs fans happy.

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