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Nebraska Cornhuskers not pleased with Fox Sports ‘Children of the Corn’ football promo

Fox Sports recently released 30-second commercials that promoted each Big Ten football team, but there was not happiness throughout the league.

There are 14 commercials in all, but the Omaha World-Herald reported that Nebraska was not pleased with the one about the Cornhuskers. It’s clearly based on the Stephen King horror story “Children of the Corn,” which was later made into a movie.

The video shows a person in a field of corn, and the narrator says: “When you’re lost in a cornfield, everything looks the same for miles and miles and miles ...

“Until finally, you come upon a circle of empty ground. And for a second, you feel relief, until you realize, this is where the sacrifices are made.”

A group of players in Nebraska uniforms are shown in an open space in the cornfield, and then it cuts to a clip of hard-hitting tackles by the Cornhuskers in a game.

“It’s not really the direction we want the brand to go in,” David Witty, Nebraska’s senior associate athletic director for marketing and communications told the World-Herald.

Here is the video:

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