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Survey finds Royals rank third in the U.S. in ‘net favorability’ rating

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The Royals may not be the most popular team in the United States, but consecutive World Series appearances in 2014-15 also didn’t turn people against them.

The website FiveThirtyEight commissioned a SurveyMonkey Audience poll of baseball fans, and found that the Royals were tied for 20th with the Rockies and Brewers when people were asked to name their favorite team (2 percent each). The Yankees (10 percent), Red Sox, Cubs and Braves (8 percent each) were the top four teams.

The pollsters broke things down by region, and the Royals fared a bit better at 5 percent in the Midwest. But the Cubs (22 percent), Tigers (12 percent) and Cardinals (11 percent) were the top three.

However, the Royals shot up the polls when fans were asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable view of 10 randomly assigned teams.

In this case, the Cubs topped the list, with 67 percent of those respondents saying they had a favorable view of the team and 14 percent saying they had a unfavorable view. That’s a net favorability of 53 percent. The Cardinals were second at plus-31 percent (50 percent positive, 19 percent negative) and the Royals were third at plus-30 percent (47 percent positive, 17 percent negative).

The Red Sox (plus-28 percent) and Rockies (plus-27 percent) rounded out the top five. The Yankees (negative-4 percent) came in dead last.

While the Yankees were atop the list of favorite teams, they were also No. 1 on the chart of least-favorite teams at 27 percent. The Red Sox were a distant second at 10 percent. The Royals were 29th on that list with just 1 percent of people saying they disliked the Royals. Only the Mariners had fewer haters.

You can view all the information here, including the methodology.

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