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Washington Post columnist says renovations ‘screwed up’ Kauffman Stadium

An aerial view of Kauffman Stadium.
An aerial view of Kauffman Stadium.

Thomas Boswell has been a sports columnist at the Washington Post since 1984 (and has been at the paper since 1969), so he’s been in baseball stadiums all across North America.

That includes many visits to Kansas City.

So you can understand why Boswell decided to rank all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums, which he did for the Post. These types of things often make for a fun read.

In these rankings, the stadiums were put into four categories from “Great ballparks” to “Okay to poor ballparks.”

Kauffman Stadium checked in at No. 17 under “Very Good Ballparks,” the third tier of rankings. A very good ballpark seems like a decent place to be, but Boswell apparently doesn’t like The K.

Boswell, who is not a fan of the renovations that started in 2007 and were finished in 2009, wrote this about Kauffman Stadium:

“Kansas City used to be in my top 10 easily. Then they screwed the place up by destroying most of their outfield water features and chopping up the beautiful sweep of outfield architecture. It’s is by far the most damage that I have ever seen done to a wonderful sports facility by people who, I am sure, had the best intentions. I’ve tried through an All-Star Game and two World Series to make my peace with the place. I can’t. I want to scream, ‘All that this place had going for it, out here in West Nowhere, was gorgeous design and the water fountains at night — but that was enough!’ 

And you thought Flyover Country was offensive.

You can find the entire rankings here.

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