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Some of the Royals players shared a sweet ride to Miami

We know this much: Royals catcher Salvador Perez arrived in Miami in style ahead of the All-Star Game.

The Royals finished the first half of the season with a game in Los Angeles, which meant that anyone headed to South Beach would have to travel three time zones to get there. That’s about a 4 1/2-hour flight. In a commercial flight, with potential connections, that could take much, much longer.

So Perez and some of his teammates took a private jet to Miami, and they and their friends shared some of the images and videos of the trip.

This photo shows Perez, Eric Hosmer, Jorge Bonifacio, Kelvin Herrera, Alcides Escobar and Jorge Soler outside of the plane.


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Escobar shared this of the group inside the plane:


Miami coming soon @hosmer305 @kelvinherrera40 @elboni4

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On Instagram, Perez had this video of the fun:

Escobar seemed pretty chill in this photo:


Miami saliendo

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Former Sporting Kansas City sideline reporter Kacie McDonnell shared this video from the plane on Instagram:

One person who didn’t make the trip: Danny Duffy. However, he did make a stop at the house that was shown on one of his favorite television shows: “Workaholics.”

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