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Dick Vitale roasts Lonzo Ball and his $495 shoes

ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale.
ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale.

College basketball analyst Dick Vitale hasn’t forgotten this year’s Sweet 16 game between Kentucky and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament.

In that game, De’Aaron Fox scored 39 points, while making 13 of 20 shots, as his Wildcats beat the Bruins 86-75. Fox also helped hold UCLA sensation Lonzo Ball to 10 points, and Ball made just four shots, including one three-pointer. He had four turnovers.

After the game, Ball announced he was going pro.

Vitale, who has been with ESPN since 1979, brought up that Wildcats’ victory when he heard that Ball’s signature shoes were going to sell for a ridiculous $495.

On Twitter, Vitale wrote: “Lonzo Ball’s shoes r $495/if he plays in the @NBA like he did vs BBN De’Aaron Fox they’ll go for $4.95”

Even if you are not a fan of Vitale, you have to give him credit for that burn.

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