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NFL teams show support for former tight end honoring daughter who died in tragic accident

Former Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap.
Former Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap.

It was a parent’s worst nightmare.

Last month, the 3-year-old daughter of former NFL tight end Todd Heap was struck and killed by a truck Heap was moving in his driveway in Mesa, Ariz.

Holly would have turned 4 on Wednesday, so Heap and his wife, Ashley, are celebrating by calling it “Hugs From Holly Day.” The Heaps have started a website in Holly’s honor and encourage people to spend Wednesday by doing a few special things:

1. Wear PINK in Holly’s honor

2. Make a plan to share hugs and spread love & joy through random acts of heartfelt kindness for those in your community. Smile more. Compliment somebody. Write a kind note. Share treats (or chicken nuggets). Do a free lemonade stand. Leave a bigger tip than usual. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Donate a book in Holly’s honor. Turn up the music and dance… the list is endless. Be creative!

3. Capture your family spreading joy and post your pictures using the hashtag #hugsfromhollyday

Heap spent most of his 12-year career with the Baltimore Ravens, so the team got the word out about “Hugs From Holly Day.”

Teams from around the NFL showed their support for the cause and the Heap family. The Saints retweeted the Ravens’ tweet, but most others sent out their own messages.

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