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Utah Jazz mascot crushes man who pushed a kid during on-court contest

By now you’ve likely seen those bubble balls (giant inflatable balls) that people get into during a break at a sporting event. It’s comical to watch, because people have difficulty navigating in them while they race.

During Sunday night’s Utah Jazz-Los Angeles Clippers playoff game, fans took part in a contest to see who could roll across the court first. It was a man against a boy, and because this was an incredibly important race, the man used a little strategy.

He rolled out to a lead, then turned around and knocked the kid off course.

Jerk move, right?

Jazz Bear, Utah’s mascot, thought so. He went after the guy, who was wearing a Clippers jersey, and leveled him. It was a thing of beauty.

Jon Healy, a digital producer for ABC, shared this on Twitter (and I apologize in advance about the language in the tweet).

Jazz Bear. Hero.

If you think the whole thing is a set-up, you may be right. But apparently the guy was kind of woozy afterward.

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