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Augusta green jacket found in a thrift store auctioned off for $139,000

The logo on the green jacket at the Augusta National Golf Club is iconic.
The logo on the green jacket at the Augusta National Golf Club is iconic. The Associated Press

Two people are going to end up with a Masters green jacket this weekend.

One will be won on the course at Augusta National. The other was won in an auction. It was an Augusta green jacket that was found in 1994 in a thrift store in Toronto.

According to the site where the auction was held, the person who found the prized possession spotted it in a bunch of previously-worn blazers for the cost of $5. It has the unique breast patch of the famous course’s logo, and was dated as coming from the 1950s.

The auction site said the Augusta National Golf Club confirmed the green jacket is the real deal, but didn’t offer insight into the owner. The owner’s name was cut out of the jacket.

The bidding opened at $5,000, but it ended up selling for $116,124 on when bidding closed on Saturday. Green Jacket Auctions wrote in an email that an additional 20 percent is added to all lots as a buyer’s premium, so that made the final number on the bid $139,348.80.

According to the Washington Post, these particular green jackets are given to each club member as well as each year’s Masters winner. But, the Post reported, only the Masters champion may wear their green jacket away from the grounds of the club — and that’s only when he is the defending champ.

So it’s a mystery as to how the jacket ended up in Toronto.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. reported that in 2016, a non-profit store in Houston had a jacket donated. What makes this particular case so intriguing is that it was found in Canada.

That, and the return on a $5 investment.

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