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Seattle Mariners, Oakland A’s had a snarky (but fun) Twitter exchange

The Seattle Mariners and Oakland A’s will play their first game of the 2017 season on April 20.

The social media staffs from both teams had their own game going Wednesday. The Twitter accounts for the two teams traded barbs and entertained everyone.

It started with the Mariners sharing a video promoting pitcher Felix Hernandez:

There is a scene in that video of a man giving a woman a ring, and the Oakland A’s decided to jump on that. Or maybe they were upset about the part of the video that showed an A’s player striking out. Either way, this is what the A’s tweeted.

Zing! The Mariners have yet to win the World Series.

Seattle cut just the clip of the A’s player striking out and the K balloon.

Oakland then landed a huge blow when it responded with this tweet:

The Mariners noted that the last of those World Series titles was won in 1989, while the others came in the early ’70s. They also quoted the band Smash Mouth’s song “All Star.”

Point to the Mariners for that.

The A’s took a page from Seattle’s playbook with a savage balloon reference that also referenced that song. Boom!

At that point, the Mariners called a truce.

That was fun though, right?

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