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This tattoo of Ned Yost may be the worst thing you’ll see today

Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost at a spring-training workout in Surprise, Ariz.
Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost at a spring-training workout in Surprise, Ariz.

Oh, man. This is like a million times worse than a bad haircut.

On Tuesday night, Royals fan named Krissi tweeted this photo of someone who got a Ned Yost tattoo. She apologized for unleashing it on people, because it appears that the tattoo did not turn out as expected.

The Yost ink was originally part of a story on the site Diply that was headlined: “16 Terrible Tattoos That Have A Date With A Laser In Their Future.” That’s where Tummons saw it.

Believe it or not, but Yost on Wednesday provided some background on the tattoo, which he called a “nice little tribute,” even though the teeth don’t look great.*

*We can all agree on that

“My sons showed me that,” Yost said. “I think they could have gotten a better picture.”

If you’re thinking surely this guy lost a bet, you’re right.

“I’m just glad it’s on the guy’s back and not the butt,” Yost said. “He lost a bet, so he had to put a tattoo of my face on his back, my son said.”

Royals players who saw the tattoo were not impressed.

“I’m not getting another man’s face on my body,” third baseman Mike Moustakas said. “I have no comment. This is the first and only time I’ll ever say no comment.”

Infielder Christian Colon, who has a tattoo of his wife on his forearm, questioned the quality of the work.

“Faces are hard to do,” Colon said. “I have this face, that’s my wife’s face (on forearm). The guy who did it is well experienced. I don’t know how experienced this is.”

Left fielder Alex Gordon summed up what we’re all thinking.

“Is that Ned Yost?” Gordon said. “Who is that, is that you? Wow, skipper making it big time. It’s what you call a tramp stamp. And if that’s a guy, well, a little questionable on the location of it. But well deserved, man. He’s a champ.”

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