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‘I looked down and the hummer is out’ Chiefs player recalls disastrous NFL combine run

Kansas City Chiefs Chris Jones defensive lineman.
Kansas City Chiefs Chris Jones defensive lineman.

As it turns out, Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was a steal in last year’s draft.

Jones was picked in the second round, and according to Pro Football Focus had the fifth-highest pass-rushing productivity mark among interior players in the NFL in 2016.

There is no way to know for sure, but perhaps Jones’ stock dropped after a troublesome 40-yard dash in the NFL Scouting Combine a year ago.

In a Sports Illustrated story, Jones recalled how he wanted to stand out among the others running the 40-yard dash, so he grabbed some black tights for the run. Everyone else wore gray or green.

It was only after the run that Jones realized he had made a key mistake.

“Those black tights, they weren’t really tights,” Jones told Sports Illustrated’s Jacob Feldman. “They were boxers.”

Jones figured out quickly after he started the run that things seemed a little breezy, um, below the equator.

“I looked down and the hummer is out,” he told Sports Illustrated. “I try to cover it up. I’m thinking to myself, ‘little kids are watching.’ 

In an effort to keep the kids at home from seeing too much, Jones fell on the ground after the run and covered up his privates.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘How long was this thing out?’ ” Jones told Sports Illustrated.

Long enough that the run was a hit on Deadspin that day.

You can read more about that unfortunate event for Jones in the Sports Illustrated story.

Kansas City Chiefs players were in the locker room to pack up their belongings following the season-ending 18-16 loss to the Steelers in an AFC Divisional playoff game at Arrowhead.

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