For Pete's Sake

Crying Jordan comes out as sports world reacts to Oscars flub

I don’t know if there is a sports equivalent for the Academy Awards mistake made Sunday night.

Warren Beatty was clearly confused as he opened the envelope for Best Picture, and Faye Dunaway then incorrectly called the winner as “La La Land.” The producers of the movie got their Oscars and gave at least one speech when someone came in and announced that the real winner was “Moonlight.”

Here is the craziness if you want to watch:

No team in a major sport gets a trophy and then finds out it didn’t win (not including Olympic drug scandals).

The nearest comparison: the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. There was a phantom pass-interference call on Miami that gave Ohio State a fresh set of downs after the Hurricanes had stopped the Buckeyes and thought they’d won 24-17 in overtime. Fireworks went off at the stadium, but Ohio State had new life and won in double overtime.

But I digress. The sports world had a lot of fun with Academy Awards mishap.

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