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Jason Hammel asked for a good place for barbecue and Royals fans overwhelmed him

Kansas City Royals pitcher Jason Hammel.
Kansas City Royals pitcher Jason Hammel.

Poor Jason Hammel.

The new Royals pitcher asked for suggestions on where to get good barbecue, and Kansas City fans overwhelmed him.

But, hey, if you’re going to ask about where to go eat barbecue, you’d better expect a lot of responses. This is what he tweeted on Wednesday.

Jack Stack responded quickly:

Here are some of the other suggestions that fans tweeted. This is just a very small portion of those tweets, but it gives you an idea of what Hammel saw.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include one tweet in particular. In searching the responses to Hammel’s query, this answer made me laugh out loud:

Less than 24 hours later after first asking for suggestions, Hammel tweeted that he’s got some work to do:

I’m sure that I will regret this, but here is a poll of places that you would suggest for Hammel to go eat. For the record, there were only 18 slots on this list, so please feel free to leave a suggestion (or where to eat, not where I can go). I will be curious to see if any one place beats out ‘Other’ on this list:


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