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Falcons coaches were stuck in upper levels of stadium after Super Bowl loss

Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.
Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The Associated Press

I’m not sure there is any way things could have gone from bad to worse for the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff after the Super Bowl LI loss.

However, after watching the Falcons blow a huge lead in a 34-28 loss to the New England Patriots, some of those coaches were stuck in the upper levels of NRG Stadium in Houston.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, defensive coordinator Richard Smith and others with the team left the coaching booth and intended to take an elevator to the ground floor. One problem: it never came.

You can see them waiting in these tweets:

Here is what the Journal-Constitution said happened next:

After more than five minutes, the coaches were told it might be best to walk down. So they descended a staircase and soon found themselves walking in an NRG plaza with fans, outside of concession stands, as several New England fans were shouting and celebrating their team’s win.

The group waded their way through the crowd for about 50 yards, then somebody shouted for them to hook back because an elevator would pick them up from that floor. So they all walked to the elevators and waited. It was another several minutes before an elevator came, but not before all had vented to stadium employees and Shanahan let out some expletives. Shanahan eventually walked away to lean against a wall and cool off. In total, it was at least 20 minutes from the time the coaches waited for their first elevator before they reached the ground floor.

You can read more on the story from Jeff Schultz of the Journal-Constitution.

But some Falcons fans today might be saying that the elevator snafu was poetic justice for Shanahan.

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