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Eric Stonestreet recalls time Roger Goodell talked smack about the Chiefs

Actor Eric Stonestreet at a Chiefs game in 2014.
Actor Eric Stonestreet at a Chiefs game in 2014. The Associated Press

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell likes to laugh.

And I don’t mean about some of the suspensions and fines the league has levied. No, Goodell is a fan of “Modern Family.” And he apparently likes to talk smack.

We know this because Eric Stonestreet, who is from Kansas City, Kan., and a K-State graduate, was on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Thursday and relayed a funny story.

A couple of years ago, Stonestreet was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and said he would never attend a Super Bowl until the Chiefs were playing in the game.

Tammy Reid, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid, and actor Eric Stonestreet greeted players in the tunnel after their 37-27 win over the San Diego Chargers. The win, combined with an Oakland Raiders loss, gave the Chiefs the AFC West ti

The next day, Goodell called Stonestreet and said he liked “Modern Family,” and made an offer.

“So he invites me to the Super Bowl and I said, ‘Roger, I so appreciate this offer, but I just was on national TV last night saying that I’ll never go to the Super Bowl until my Chiefs are in it,’ ” Stonestreet told Eisen. “So I can’t now go back on that.

“And he goes, ‘All right, if you want to wait that long, that’s fine with me.’ 


A quick search finds that Stonestreet made that proclamation to Jimmy Kimmel two years ago, after the Chiefs finished 9-7 and just missed out on a playoff spot. So, it might not be that long of a wait for Stonestreet to get to the Super Bowl.

Stonestreet spent a good part of his time with Eisen talking about the Chiefs, and he even shared a video of how he predicted Tyreek Hill’s breakout season. Hill has gotten better as the season has gone on, and Stonestreet said he even predicted that Hill would be better when the weather gets cold.

Those two videos are shorter clips from this longer video below. If you watch that, you’ll hear Stonestreet talk about Kansas State and coach Bill Synder, among other topics.

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