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Tiger Woods’ shirtless ‘Mac Daddy Santa’ sends Internet into a tizzy

Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods. The Associated Press

Hey, we’ve all got our own Christmas traditions, right?

Some people like to sing carols. Others enjoy a reading of “The Night Before Christmas” by a beloved family member.* Perhaps it is opening one gift on Christmas Eve.

*I miss this one

And then there is Tiger Woods, who likes to share a photo of him without a shirt as “Mac Daddy Santa.”

I will say this, this may be the most popular Christmas photo since Elaine sent out cards on “Seinfeld.” Woods’ tweet was liked more than 27,000 times as of Friday morning and it was retweeted more than 20,000 times.

The thing is, many people were just kind of stunned and amazed when they saw the photo. You know, sort of like when Bob Cratchit saw Ebenezer Scrooge being nice to him for the first time ever.

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