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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce finds his match in ‘Catching Kelce’ finale

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce concluded his quest to find love Wednesday night with a two-hour finale on E!’s “Catching Kelce,” but not before one last surprise visit to the home of the four remaining contestants.

Kelce, in a pair of tight jean shorts, stopped by the mansion to invite Lauren, Maya, Veronica and Avery on a day out on the water.

“I’ve never been on a boat before, so I can’t wait to do this,” Maya said.

But before the women can get too excited, Kelce drops a bomb: He’ll be sending one contestant home at the end of the day.

“The three moving on are going to be joining me in Kansas City,” Kelce said.

While on the yacht, the women and Kelce enjoy margaritas, a game of “Never Have I Ever” and a major dance party before spending one-on-one time with the bachelor.

“Every moment, every second, every date counts,” Maya said, though she spent part of the date bashing Lauren from Missouri and the rest with her head in the toilet.

“My first time on a boat might be my last time,” Maya said.

Veronica continued to impress Kelce, who said she’s the type of girl he could settle down with. As the date ended, Kelce informed the women that they would all be attending the last group elimination.

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At the elimination, Kelce ironically sends Lauren from Missouri packing before taking the three remaining women to her native state.

The next day, Maya of Kentucky, Veronica of New Jersey and Avery of Colorado leave their Los Angeles mansion for the Midwest to get a taste of Kelce’s life in Kansas City.

“I love this place, I really do,” Kelce said. “This is my pride and joy. It’s my honor to show you my life here.”

Kelce gives the first date to Avery, and the two enjoy an evening of enlightening conversation at Gram & Dun on the Country Club Plaza.

“It reminds me of old town Disney, like a cute little city,” Avery said of Kansas City.

“So you’re talking like Harry Potter?” Kelce asked.

“Not that magical,” Avery said.

Their dinner is followed by a dip in the fountain and a slumber party at Kelce’s place, where he asks her a question that’s been on his mind since they first met:

“Has anyone ever told you that your eyebrows are overpowering everything on your face?”

How romantic. But Avery rolls with the punches, and laughs off the remark.

“There’s something about Avery that brings out the weird, the goofy, the crazy Travis,” Kelce said. “I love that about her.”

Next up on the dating train is Veronica, who gets a grand tour of KC a la private trolley ride.

The two roll by the Kauffman Center before making a pit stop at Tom’s Town, where Kelce takes his eyes off of Veronica to admire the bartender’s beard.

“It was like a masterpiece,” Kelce said. He then takes the New Jersey native to Q39, what he considers “the best barbecue in Kansas City.”

Kelce’s date with Veronica sheds light on his incompatibility with Avery, who he decides to eliminate when he returns to the girls’ hotel.

“I’m so bummed, I was on my way to falling in love with him,” Avery said.

The third and final date is given to Maya, who attends a fashion benefit for 87th and Running, Kelce’s charity. The two share an intimate dinner and a night at Kelce’s residence before the Chiefs player makes his final decision.

“Maya shined the entire night,” Kelce said. But there’s one problem:

“She shares a lot of the same personality traits that my ex carried,” Kelce said. After a few words with his manager at Top Golf, Kelce meets Veronica and Maya for the last elimination.

“I came on to this experience, this show, because I needed that change in my life,” Kelce told the remaining two. “And Veronica is that change. But even though my mind is telling me one thing, I’ve got to go with my heart. Veronica, I’m sorry sweetheart, but I’m going to have to ask you to go back to New Jersey.”

Veronica was taken by surprise, and had some choice words for Kelce before issuing a warning.

“It’s not going to work with Maya,” Veronica said. “She’s going to screw you over in the long run.”

I guess only time will tell, although Kelce felt confident about his final pick.

“I am so excited to be with Maya and to see how we grow as a couple,” Kelce said.

Will we see Kelce with Maya now? That remains to be seen.

However, we do know this much: Kelce’s decision was met with dismay by a great number of people.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has finished filming segments for his TV dating show, "Catching Kelce," and discussed his experience on Tuesday after the team's OTA practice.

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