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‘Catching Kelce’ recap: Arts and crafts, a concert and a late-night sleepover

Another episode of the E! Network’s “Catching Kelce” means another chance for Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to show the remaining contestants his non-football side.

This week, he surprises the final six girls at their mansion with a day of arts and crafts.

“This year in Kansas City, I have a charity event coming up,” Kelce says. “I’m going to auction off a painting.”

Although he usually commissions a piece from a local artist, he says, he wants the girls to create a work of art together.

The girls and Kelce grab paint and splatter it on a giant canvas, and when it doesn’t turn out as planned, they take turns rolling around in it, then throwing paint at each other.

Then they decide to wash off together by jumping in the pool, with Kelce taking his shirt off (gasp!) for the first time.

“He’s kind of gingery,” Lexi says.

As the date comes to a close, Kelce invites Veronica to a concert of the wife of “one of his boys.”

Veronica is asked to bring three girls with her, and a plan is hatched: She’ll invite Lauren from Missouri with the intention to hog all of Kelce’s time and leave Lauren in the dust.

Maya and Lexi join them, and the fivesome head to The Roxy where country singer Jessica James Decker, wife of Jets wide receive Eric Decker, is performing.

“I don’t know what Travis sees in Lauren, she’s basic, she has no sense of style, she’s timid, she’s just blah,” Maya compassionately says.

After the concert, the Deckers join Kelce and his dates for a nightcap.

While Jessica dishes on life as an NFL wife, Eric explains what drew him to his now-wife.

“For me, when I met Jess, it was attractive that she had a career and she was doing something,” Eric says.

Kelce then invites Veronica over to his place for the VIP date, where the two enjoy a much-talked about sleepover.

“I’m not going to tell them any details of our night,” Veronica says. “I don’t need to kiss and tell.”

Later, Kelce recounts his latest adventures to his brother Jason and manager Aaron. When Jason questions Kelce’s attraction to Lexi, the tight end cites her sense of humor.

“The only bad thing you can say about her is that she wears too much makeup,” Travis says.

“It sounds like you’re falling in love with a clown, someone who throws a bunch of makeup on and just makes you laugh constantly,” Jason says.

(The man has a point.)

Meanwhile, the two-minute warning sounds at the house, and Lauren, Ceecee, Lexi and Maya are asked to attend another elimination round.

Amid much inner turmoil, Kelce sends Ceecee and Lexi home, but not without Lexi having the last word.

“I hope you find the girl you’re looking for, and I better get a Christmas card,” Lexi says.

Next week: Kelce takes the final four girls on what is sure to be a world-class trip to Kansas City to see how they fit into his life, and we find out who gets ejected from his game.

Melissa Graham,